Killamarsh Dynamos
Junior Football in NE Derbyshire

We are a Charter Standard Development Club

Sheffield & District Junior Sunday League

Sheffield and Hallamshire County FA

Club Rules

Please find below the Main Club rules taken from the Club Handbook.


  1. A set registration fee will be determined and agreed each year by the Club's Committee based upon the Treasurer's predicted expenditure for the forthcoming season.  This must be paid in full before the start of the season.  Should you incur any financial  difficulties in paying this please contact your Team Manager.  An agreed payment plan, either monthly or weekly can be agreed.  This fee includes insurance.

  2. Weekly subscription fees, which will cover match subs and training fees, will be determined and agreed each year by the Club's Committee based upon the Treasurer's predicted expenditure for the forthcoming season.

  3. End of Season presentation night to be paid for by way of tickets.  All players and their siblings who are aged 4 and under will be given a free ticket.  The cost of tickets will be determined by the Committee and based on the cost of the evening.

  1. Any player not having paid match subs for 2 weeks may be suspended by their Manager.  If payment is still outstanding after 1 month the Committee may withhold the player´s registration card until payment is brought up to date.  Should payment not be received by the end of the season the Club will notify the League.

  2. If any team wish to collect additional money i.e. bonus ball, one hundred club or get sponsors to raise money for purchasing of sweatshirts etc then this is fine.  The collecting of such money should be documented and available for the Committee to see if it wishes.  All parents need to sign this documentation which is available from the Manager.  If any payment has been made for sweatshirts etc by a parent then the item is then theirs to keep even if they do no play for KDAFC in future seasons.


The Club asks each team to hold a raffle at home matches.  All funds raised from this are to be paid back to the Club.  Generally, raffle prizes are donated by parents, but should a prize need to be bought then this should be deducted from the amount collected.

Raffles are a reliable source of income for the Club, and without these the Club would be unable to provide a new kit every 3 years.


The Club has Public/Products Liability as well as Sports Personal Accident Injury cover for all players.  A copy of this policy is available upon request.


Any fines incurred due to bad behaviour by parents/spectators will be automatically directed to the perpetrator for payment.  If the offender does not make payment the fine will be directed to the team for payment.

All fines incurred by a player will be paid for out of the team's fund, with the exception of U18's players who must pay their own fines.  If payment is not made, the fine will be directed to the team for payment.  The player will be reported to the League and their registration suspended until the fine is paid.


  1. Players should attend training whenever possible.  Anyone not attending a training session and/or match should notify their Manager as soon as possible.  No prior notification of non-attendance could lead to substitution.

  1. Everyone should be prompt to training and matches.

  1. More than one trainer should be in attendance.  The ratios are, for children between the ages of 3 and 7 â€" 1 adult to 8 children and for children 8 years over â€" 2 adults up to a maximum of 20 children (preferably one of each gender when the group consists of both sexes).

  1. It is the player/parent/guardian´s responsibility to make sure that the right and adequate footwear and clothing is worn for all training sessions and matches.

  2. A kit will be provided for matches only or when representing the Club.  It is the parent´s responsibility to launder the kit, which remains the property of Killamarsh Dynamos and will be replaced every 3 years (if funding permits).  It must be returned to your Manager should your child stop playing for the Club. The kit is provided for match attendance only and should not be worn at any other times. 


In May the Club holds the annual presentation night.  This is usually split into three nights in order to accommodate all the teams comfortably.

The aim of the night is to reward all the players by giving each one a trophy.  The Managers also give special trophies for individuals who have shown particular qualities within their teams. 

Only Club trophies can be given out at Presentation Nights.


The Annual General Meeting for Killamarsh Dynamos takes place at the end of the season in June.  The Committee will advise the parents, via the Managers, of the exact date, time and venue.

All parents are encouraged to attend the meeting.  Anyone wishing to join the Committee should be nominated and seconded, in writing, 7 days prior to the AGM.


If you have a complaint please put this in writing and place it in a sealed envelope marked for the attention of the Club Secretary.  This can be passed via your Team Manager or Committee member.  Please refrain from telephoning Committee members at home in relation to a complaint â€" follow the procedure above.

If it is felt that the complaint is significant then the perpetrator will be brought before the Committee and their future with Killamarsh Dynamos will be discussed.  Any decisions reached will be put in writing and will be final.